Protect Yourself From the Sun the Right Way!

by Blaj Gabriel

© Gabriel Blaj

© Gabriel Blaj

I am a female with very sensitive skin, overweight and sometimes with acne.

Somebody told me once if I stay in the sun, I will not have acne anymore.

I listened to him and I sat with my face exposed to the sun all day, from morning till night.

I was young and innocent. Also, when I was young I never used protection creme for my face or body.

Because of that, I always had my face red or burned from the sun.

My hair was dry from the sun and so was my skin.

When you are young you can make a lot of mistakes if you do not have someone to teach you the proper way.

I mean how to use the sun for a healthier life style and a better skin.

Now I have learned a lot of good things about skin protection and it’s never too late.

Using a lotion with UV protection does not automatically protect you against the harmful effects of sunlight.

If you don’t know how to apply sunscreen correctly, you could end up with a sunburn or even skin cancer.

When to apply?

About 30 minutes before exposure to the sun for skin to absorb it completely.

Apply every time you get out of the water or when you sweat a lot, even if the label states that it’s water resistant.

Apply lotion not only when you go to the beach, but
every time you're forced to spend much time in the sun.

How to apply?

Shake well before using container for the active particles to distribute in a uniform manner throughout the composition.

Use an amount that fits into the palm of your hand to cover the entire body.

Apply everywhere, including outer ears, neck or areas not covered by the swimsuit. Assuming your swimsuit has UV protection.

Do not use for the face other than lotions specially designed for this area.

What to be careful about when you buy?

Choose lotions which protect against both UVA and UVB with sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15.

Buy those labeled water resistant, which persist on the skin for a longer time.

Many people do not tolerate acid Para-amino benzene (PABA), because they cause irritation.

Do not buy products that PABA is on the list of ingredients if you know you have sensitive skin.

Best Lotions for skin that is prone to acne, are water based.

More expensive does not always mean better quality.

Be careful not to buy an expired bottle or container!

Most lotions with solar protection do not last more than a year. So buy only products manufactured in the current year.

Organic Sunscreen

Moisturizer with Sunscreen

SPF Clothing

Sun Protection Clothing

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