Return of the Board Shorts

by J.L.
(Southern California, USA)

Growing up in the 80’s a lot of fashion trends came and went. From neon colored everything, parachute pants, jackets with zippers in every possible place you can put one, jelly shoes, and of course the board short.

Thankfully most of those trends were a one and done experience but some have made the return to popular culture once again. One example of the old becoming new again is the board short.

Originally designed to protect surfers' legs from the sticky wax, used for grip in the water when standing on the board, ripping the hair out of them when sitting on the surfboard waiting for a wave to catch.

The board short has become a must have for both men and women wanting to look cool on the beach.

Every major beachwear manufacture has a version of board short on the market. Coming in every possible color, pattern, and material the basic design of the board short has remained largely unchanged over time.

Typically longer and baggier than traditional shorts or swim trunks the board short isn’t relegated just to the beach either. Running around town you’ll see people wearing board shorts as if they were any other pair of pants.

In the eye of the public the board short has managed to withstand the test of time. They have made their way from the beaches of Southern California to every corner of the fashion world now

Just like everything else the board short has grown up along the way. If you haven’t added a pair of board shorts to your clothing collection it's time to give a pair a try.

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