Run in the Sun

by Clint

When attending a running camp over the summer, temperatures crept into the mid-90’s.

We completed runs of over ten miles everyday, until the last day when we had our annual race.

We paired up, all exhausted, and raced five miles, where we would tag our teammate and they would run five miles.

I was paired up with a freshman who was running for his first year. He went first, and I expected him to finish his race last.

I waited. The whole team waited. Every other pair finished, but I was left waiting.

Soon, it was over an hour, a time limit that he should have reached, no matter how slow he was.

We went to check out the course and sure enough, he suffered from a sun stroke and was passed out on the trail.

After getting water, he was fine. The best part was I didn’t have to run the extra five miles though!

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