Shopping for These is Horrible!

by Jen
(Minneapolis, MN, USA)

I have always really hated shopping for swimming suits even from an early age on.

I was never a very "girly girl" back then, and I'm still not now - but it always seemed that so many swimsuits were a lot more frilly, feminine, or showy than I would have liked.

I was always the type of girl that wanted to be covered, and not show everything off. I'm still this way now!

It wasn't necessarily completely that I wanted to be modest, but it was also because of my genetic makeup.

I am, and always have been, the palest person that I have known. A lot of my ancestry is Irish and we are known for having exceptionally fair skin.

There's a joke they say that dermatologists would be out of business if it weren't for the Irish.

Even with well-covering swimsuits, often times a t-shirt over that and being lathered up in sun block, I would still suffer horrible sunburn and thus came to avoid swimming outdoors.

These days I know they use different materials in suits than they did when I was a kid, back in the late 80s/early 90s.

But it also seems with the times that the suits have become smaller as well.

It makes me glad that I'm not a kid in today's age - but again, the adult One Piece Swimsuits with the matronly look aren't too great either.

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