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Qualifications to Look for and Questions to Ask

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skin cancer doctor

The right choice of skin cancer doctor can spell the difference between success and failure in treatment.

After all, you will largely depend on your skin doctor to provide the right kind of information, treatment and follow-up at every stage of the professional relationship.

Although you can always do your own research, it helps to know that you are in good hands, so to speak.

What are the qualifications to look for?

Obviously, asking for the qualifications of the skin cancer doctor is the first important step towards successful treatment.

You want to be sure that your doctor has all the necessary education, training and expertise to handle your case from start to end.

So, what exactly makes for a good doctor in skin cancer?

Well, you can refer to the list below as your comprehensive guide:

* Possesses the appropriate medical degree preferably in dermatology from a reputable college

* Passed the licensure examinations in his field of expertise with the assumption that continuing medical education requirements are adhered to

* Completed the minimum 5 years of surgical training plus a minimum of 2 years in plastic surgery for all procedures including but not limited to breast, body and face reconstruction

* Performs the skin cancer surgical operations and other outpatient procedures in accredited medical facilities

* Adheres to the code of ethics as evidenced by his track record in the medical community

You will observe that research is necessary. You can ask the local association of plastic surgeons for referrals, search the Internet and request assistance from government agencies, all of which can lead you to the right skin cancer doctor for your case.

What are the questions to ask?

This time, you will be asking the doctor these questions once you have chosen him. Take note that these questions will expand your knowledge about your disease.

This can only mean good things because the more you know about your skin cancer, then the better you are able to cope with it.

* How far has my skin cancer spread?

* What tests will be performed to determine its type and grade?

* What is my prognosis for beating this disease?

* What treatment options are available and how do we choose what is best?

* What are the side effects for each treatment?

* How long does each treatment last?

* What are my risks for a recurrence?

* What can I do to lessen my future risks?

These questions are just a few to ask of your doctor. From his answers, you will get information on how skin cancer could have been prevented in the first place.

You will know that overexposure to ultraviolet rays ( UV rays ) from both the sun and tanning beds are the main culprit in 90 percent of skin cancer cases.

The other 10 percent are from uncontrollable risk factors like family history of the disease and genetic disorders as well as a weakened immune system from underlying medical conditions.

Of course, your skin cancer doctor will tell of this fact, too. And that is the time you will regret spending too much time outdoors with very little protection in terms of sunscreen, sun protection clothing and accessories as well as eating your fruits and vegetables for their photo-protective vitamins.

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