Skin the king

by Lee
(Chennai, India)

Once I had some thick scars left on my cheeks with a great deal of work.

This was due to the end result of my large and scattered pimples on my face with all its ugly work.

Later I consulted about this with a couple of skin specialists, but none could give me the result that I had expected.

One day I had the opportunity of visiting my grandma's place in the nearby village with my spirit set high.

While I was speaking with an old lady there in a hut, she told me that neem leaves have the better antiseptic effect and could improve my skin a lot.

First I had no intention of doing. But later after persuasion by my family I started applying them on my face for three months consecutively.

So, to my surprise I noticed that great change was taking place on my face slowly and the pimples started disappearing with their ugly work.

This was really a miracle.

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