Going a Step Ahead of Sunscreens

The concept of a SPF hat is something that not many people in the world know about, unless they have consulted their doctors.

SPF hats are sun hats that are specifically manufactured to protect you from the harmful effects of too much exposure to the sun.

Consider the following.

The impact of prolonged exposure to the sun without a SPF-hat:

Most people believe that sunlight cannot do anything worse than a little sunburn or sun tan. People who believe this are in for a shock because, on the contrary, sunlight can cause extremely dangerous diseases in humans.

Enough exposure to sun can lead to a person developing a lot more than simple sunburn. While the worst of it is malignant melanoma, skin cancer or macular degeneration, there are also other problems such as permanent blemishes on the skin, discoloration of hair, damage to scalp etc.

Sunlight can cause all these things simply because it comprises of ultraviolet rays or UV rays. Ultraviolet rays, in scientific circles, are widely known as one of the most naturally occurring carcinogenic substances on the planet.

A carcinogen is a substance that can cause cancer amongst humans.

The inadequacy of sun screen alone in UV protection:

If you think that you are protected from all of the above mentioned threats of prolonged exposure to sun because you use sunscreen lotions then you need to think again because sunscreen, by itself, is not enough.

It is likely that you only apply sunscreen on exposed parts of your body and do not even bother about your scalp and eyes because sunscreen cannot be applied there anyways.

This means that the skin under your clothes, your hair and your eyes are all under threat from the aforementioned ultraviolet rays.

Your sunscreen lotions, if combined with a high quality SPF hat, can provide you all the protection that you need from the sun.

What does SPF mean?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor which is a rating for sun hats. This rating determines how good a hat would be in protecting you from the ultraviolet rays that you are bound to get exposed to while outside.

The best available spf rating currently is SPF 50+ which means that the sun hat would be able to give you 98 percent protection from ultraviolet rays.

In simpler terms, a sun hat with an SPF rating of 50+ would be able to block 98 percent of ultraviolet rays falling on you.

Choosing a good hat:

Just buying a sun hat with a good SPF rating may not be enough because you need other aspects to be perfect as well. For example, you need the brim of the hat to be as wide as possible so that it blocks off as much sunlight as possible.

Furthermore, you need it to be breathable so that you do not get forced to take it off while in the sun.

If you expect to be in a region where it rains, then you need a spf hat that is waterproof because ultraviolet rays can get through even on an overcast day.

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