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What is “Sun Block Clothing”?

Sun Block clothing or sun protective clothing, are clothes specifically designed to keep dangerous ultraviolet radiation from reaching your skin. These clothes are generally light in color, and are consisted of tightly woven but lightweight fabric.

Why do I need to worry about sun protection?

In the past couple of decades, the ozone layer has been depleted. Ozone is what keeps ultra violet radiation from reaching the Earth. As ozone is depleted, cases of sunburn and skin cancer have risen dramatically. Sun block clothing reduces the risk of these hazards.

What is a UPF factor?

The UPF factor is used to rate the effectiveness of sun protective clothing. A UPF factor of 20 means that for every 20 units of ultraviolet radiation that falls on the fabric, only one will get through.

What UPF factor clothes should I buy?

People with sun allergy or people who burn easily should buy the higher numbers, such as 40 - 50. A factor of 15 will offer some protection from the sun, but anything below that is not effective.

sun block clothing

What kind of clothes are available with a UPF rating?

Originally, UPF clothing was available only as UV swimwear and UV sunglasses. It has since expanded to include slacks, shirts, dresses, hats and much more. There is clothing available for men and women, adults and kids.

When should I wear sun block clothing?

You should wear clothing with a UPF rating every time you are going to be out in the sun for at least half an hour. Driving, going to the beach, or even walking to the office are times you should wear UPF clothing.

Where can I buy UPF rated clothing?

Some department stores have them. For finding the best variety of sun protective clothing, check out some of the online stores. You can also find UPF rated clothing on auction sites like Ebay and Craig’s list.

How long does sun protection clothing last?

Due to the tightly woven fibers, sun protective clothing tends to last a bit longer than other clothing. When you see colors fading and fibers loosening, the clothing has lost some of its effectiveness in blocking UV rays.

Is it safe to buy UPF clothing online?

Yes it is. Whenever you shop for anything online, make sure you have a secure connection. This keeps other computers from getting your credit card information. To check if a connection is secure, look for the padlock symbol in your address bar.

What is the progress for Ozone depletion?

While the banning of aerosol sprays have slowed the rate of depletion, it is still happening due to the amount of aerosol still in the atmosphere that came from spray cans in the sixties and seventies. Scientists believe that it will take 50-100 years for the damage to be repaired.

What is the best time to buy sun block clothing?

To get the colors and patterns that you like, and in order to have them in time, it is best to order them right before spring. Ordering before the hot season will give you a greater choice of sun block clothing before certain types start selling out.

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