Sun Hats for Women
that Are Stylish and Affordable

There are plenty of sun hats for women that are very affordable as well as stylish. You don't have to bust your budget to get your hands on a hat that provides excellent sun protection.

You have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes and patterns which makes it easier to find and choose the perfect hat for your personal style and tastes.

Physician Endorsed Just Beachy Hat

This hat is adorable for women and the best part is that it's available in plenty of summery shades including Black, White, Navy, Pink Lemonade and Sky Blue.

These sun hats for women are made of terry and features a ric rac brim. The wide brim features a wire inside to help the hat hold its shape even on windy days.

This hat also has an adjustable sweatband and it's washable and packable. You don't have to worry about having enough space to pack this hat because you can crush it down without causing any damage or wrinkling.

Betmar Fabulous Face Framer Hat

This is one of the sun hats for women that almost look like a visor. It's made of cotton twill so the fabric is breathable and lightweight as well.

The back is elastic and features a tie bow and the brim of the hat is wide to offer plenty of sun protection. The larger the brim the more UV protection you will receive.

It has an SPF rating of 50 so it provides plenty of protection against the harmful UV rays. The Face Framer Hat is available in Black, White, Camel and Pale Pink and is one size fits all.

Physician Endorsed Belle Women's Hat

If you are a fan of the floppy, elegant looking sun hats then you will likely appreciate the Belle hat from Physician Endorsed.

This hat is 100% cotton canvas and features a generous 6" portrait brim that will provide you with plenty of sun protection.

The adjustable headband makes this hat a one size fits all type and it's also washable and packable. Having a packable hat is important especially if you travel a lot or like to take trips to the beach.

You can fold it away and unpack it and have it ready to wear immediately. The Belle hat also comes with a free sample of moisturizing sunscreen and a UV intensity meter that is the size of a credit card.

If you are shopping for sun hats for women , there is no shortage of styles and colors available to choose from. There really is something for everyone and they are also very affordable.

You may even want to consider choosing a few sun hats in different colors to match or coordinate with your swimwear.

Sun hats have the ability to provide a great amount of sun protection but make sure that you also slather on some sunscreen to protect other areas of your body.

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