Sun Protection in Spring Time

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Sun protection in Spring time is just as important as it is in the Summer time. Whether the days get warmer or not, the Sun's UV(Ultraviolet) rays intensity is on the rise. There have already been several days of High UV ratings.

For instance surprisingly, today's UV rating is 10. That's considered very high and is no April's fool day joke by any means. All sun protective measures must be taken on days such as today.

Sun Protection on High UV Rated Days 

All sun protection precautions apply to high uv rated days. But still even if it's just sunny or overcast(which is even worst), watch out and protect yourself.

The least you can do, is stay out of the sun's way. Plan your day indoors and for indoor activities specially if you have kids. Days like this are not meant for playing in the park, going hiking or any kind of outdoor activity which would expose you and your loved ones to the harmful UV rays.

There are many more ways to practice sun protection. If you must take your daily walk, plan it accordingly. Study your route and its surroundings. It's best that when you take your walk, you are not facing the sun shining on you directly. So, what can you do?

If all fails, you should be walking on the shady of the street assuming there are no bright painted high buildings across the street. Why? Because UV rays could reflect and still hit you from the other side.

So once you plan a route which will provide you with a shade and no additional UV rays reflection, you have accomplished half of your sun protection duty.

Additional Sun Protection Ideas:

At the very least, sun protection will help you tremendously avoid getting a sunburn or sun allergy in any covered part of your body. But how do you cover yourself?

There are many easy and practical ways these days. If you start from the top, a UV umbrella would be the first line of defense. That is, if you don't want to bother spending time putting on any sunscreen.

But since you normally hold the umbrella high above your head, it may not always deflect any walls or surroundings reflections. So watch out for that.

Your second line of defense would be a sun hat with a wide brim. Since it's sitting right on your head with a wide brim(at least 4 inches), chances are it will protect your much more. Not only from way above, but also from the surroundings. Assuming you are not walking around, with your head held up, rather down but enough to see where you are going safely.

More ideas to come in our next Spring Time Sun Protection article, soon.

This is merely meant to help you cope with the dangers while outdoors and make you aware of the daily fight against skin cancer caused by the damaging ultraviolet rays radiation.

Be safe, no matter it's Spring Time or not!

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