Sun Stroke While Fishing

by Chris R
(Brisbane, Australia)

I was going fishing at 4 in the morning on a Saturday. I stayed up all Friday night so that way I would be wide awake when we started fishing.

Anyway, the trip there was fine and I was drinking coke the whole time out there (not good).

So the sun came up around 5 and everything was fine. I didn’t even feel slightly sick or anything at all.

Then I sat down to tie a hook to my line but when I stood up and looked at the water it felt extremely strange. It’s not a feeling I can put in to words, just really confused and dizzy.

I started getting that pins and needles feeling in my left hand and then up my whole arm.

So I told the boys we had to leave and we left straight away. I sat at the front of the boat with the breeze hitting me hard and skulling bottles of water.

I felt like I was going to pass out the whole way home. When I got home I turned the air conditioning on in my room and skulled 2 liters of water and went to bed.

I didn’t wake up for 20 hours and felt terrible the next day too.

Sun stroke is serious and you can avoid it by planning right ahead of time.

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