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Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Sun protection and you, is all about sun protection and its related diseases and conditions. All efforts have been made to explain the benefits of UV rays blockage and Ultraviolet rays clothing usage.

Research has shown that direct exposure to the sun and therefore uv rays, increases the chance of skin cancer especially malignant melanoma. By this knowledge, it's a no brainer to take preventive measures in order to avoid infliction of this deadly disease.

There are several ways that you can protect yourself and hence your skin and eyes, which are all explained here.

What's missing in this picture?

sun protection

Sun protection, and as a matter of fact everything related to Sun protection is missing in the photo above. The ocean view is beautiful and unbelievable, however there is no doubt that she is being exposed to the sun's damaging rays from head to toe.

It's clear that most people enjoy the Sun and the sensual warmth it produces on the skin's surface area throughout the body. But it's also clear and a scientific fact that the Sun's damaging UV rays can cause skin damage and skin cancer.

So after a few minutes being in the Sun and letting it produce some natural vitamin D, the least she could do is to take cover in the shade next to the tree. Just this action alone might protect her skin from further damage and premature aging for years to come.

Nowadays, there are plenty of UV umbrellas in the industry for the backyard, beach, travel and everyday use. So if she chooses to remain sitting there in the hot Sun, she could bring along either a hand held UV umbrella or a beach umbrella with a stand.

Another popular line is the Sun protection hat series for men, women and children of all ages. It was just several years ago that most people had never heard of UV hat or hats with UPF rating. But now they have become a necessity and everyone who is familiar with them, would like to have them as they come in a variety of colors and sizes.

So if nothing else, she could wear a Sun-protection hat with a rating of UPF 50+ and a wide brim all around. There is a good chance that she is scratching her scalp due to a sunburn in progress and not being aware of it.

What could be more important than your two eyes?

Research has shown that Macular Degeneration might be just one of the end results of lack of sun protection. Without anything to block them, the UV rays enter the precious interior of the eye thru its opening and hit the back of the eye where the Retina and Macula (central vision) are located.

In the photo above, she is facing the sun at an angle which is unfortunately ideal for these damaging rays to cause eyesight problems down the line. For some people, it could happen sooner than later as Macular Degeneration is being seen in all age groups.

So she could perhaps wear a pair of UV sunglasses with a UVA and UVB rating of 99% or higher. Some of these sunglasses not only protect your eyes, but also provide you with a much clearer vision by way of reducing the glare and haze.

Isn't your skin the largest living organ after all?

In this picture, her whole skin is being exposed to the sun as well as its damaging radiation. Perhaps a little sunburn here a little sunburn there won't hurt, but that's such a misconception. Sunburn means the underlying layers of your skin have been zapped by the UV rays and need healing.

While this process could take years, sometimes those skin cells heal and sometimes they go haywire. But who wants to take that chance and risk losing their health.

She could take great precaution by wearing sun protection clothing such as UV shirts, UV pants with a rating of UPF 50+. If that's not practical, then perhaps one of those One Piece UV girls' bathing suits which covers most of her upper body will be the savior.

In order to complement that, a sunscreen rated SPF30 or higher should do the job of protecting other exposed parts of the body. Since certain brands of sunscreen contain handful of chemicals, it may not be very healthy to cover yourself with it from head to toe.

Please refer to EWG's (Environmental Working Group) website for their latest rating of each sunscreen brand and just remember one thing:

Sun Protection is a Fact of Life™.

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