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Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Sunglasses, sun tan lotion and sun block lotions are the top commodity during summertime. As the long stretch of sunny days begins, so are longer hours of sun exposure.

Next to your skin, your eyes are the next most sensitive part of your body. And like your skin, they are also prone to the diseases caused by prolonged sun exposure.

The invisible ultraviolet (uv) rays coming from the sun poses one of the greatest threats to your eyes. Excessive exposure can damage the surface of the eyes, a condition that may result to various severities of eye damage and disorders.

Hence, the American Academy of Ophthalmology emphasizes the need for effective and reliable eye protection especially during summertime.


The invisible ultraviolet rays coming from the sun is known to cause cancer. But most people tend to overlook their effects to the eyes.

There are actually two types of UV rays that can reach the earth and run havoc to your skin and eyes; the UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are known to cause premature aging of both the skin and the eyes while UVB is linked to Sunburn, snow blindness, cataract formation and Skin Cancer.

Clearly, your skin and your eyes need tough sun protection. When you can slather the best sunscreen and sun block lotion and creams on your skin, you can protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Natural sunlight is rich in uv rays. Hence, prolonged sun exposure means prolonged exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays. This explains the prevalence of eye disorders and problems.

Eye problems like Macular Degeneration, cataracts and many others result from sun damage. Cataract is characterized by the clouding of the lens behind the iris and pupil of the eye, which is directly linked to prolonged sun exposure, causes dimming or blurring of vision.

Similar problems include ptergium or tissue growths on the whites of the eyes, and macular degeneration or the deterioration of the sensitive center of the retina.

In addition, overexposure to the harmful sun rays can cause photokeratitis or sunburn of the eye, a very painful condition that causes permanent damage to the cornea.

In this light, it pays to be cautious in getting eye protection when you are to enjoy the beach or the sceneries and do activities like sports under the sun.

People who are in the habit of wearing sunglasses with 99 to 100 percent uv protection stands a better chance at avoiding these painful and debilitating eye conditions.

To modify the harmful effects of harmful uv rays, good quality sunglasses incorporate light conditioning features and technologies on their lenses to eliminate the ultraviolet part of the light spectrum coming from the sun.

In addition, to effectively cut off harmful sun rays, different colors of lenses are used, ranging from light to dark, to effectively modify specific frequencies of sun rays at certain specific conditions.

Over the years, such technology resulted to the number of variety of uv protective eyewear features such as polarization, mirroring, tinting, photochromatic lenses, scratch-resistant coating, uv coating and anti-reflective coating.

A simple pair of correct-fitting sunglasses can give your eyes reliable protection against harmful sun rays. Even beyond summertime, eye protection must always be a top concern to effectively avoid permanent eye damage.

Your eyes could be your best feature so go on and protect your most valued possession with a nice pair or this protective eyewear.

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