Sunstroke at the Tanning Salon

by Jon
(Ventura, CA, USA)

I used to tan on a frequent schedule but slowly I had less and less time until I stopped altogether.

My tanning recession lasted for about 2 years until I decided to give it a go again.

I am very pale skinned so the first time I could only go a very short time and I followed every precaution because of this.

After two days my skin was fine, no burning, but I started to feel flu-like symptoms in the evening.

This progressed throughout the evening and the next day I felt like I had possibly the worst flu of my life.

My body would go through these intense cycles of fever. I would feel so hot as if my internal temp gauge was off.

My body refused to sweat which I was very aware of and was a big concern.

My temperature would rise as high as 104 degrees and would last about one to two hours.

After an hour or so it would break and I would sweat HEAVILY. I continued to have these spells which peaked and then finally subsided after about 3 days.

Besides the fever I would feel very uncomfortable all the time, achy, and confused.

As bizarre it may be I never understood how the tanning beds affected me this way.

But I did try it out again and just like clockwork by the third day I had the exact same symptoms.

No more tanning, I’ll stick with the skin I’m in.

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