Wolf Tanning Beds

Wolf tanning beds are one of the most popular brands available in the industry today. The brand has been going strong for 25 years and all of their units are created using strict control standards.

Another advantage is that their products are great for both home and business use. So no matter whether you own a salon or whether you just want a home tanning solution, there will always be a Wolf-tanning product to suit you.

How Wolf Tanning Beds Work

They basically work by encouraging your body to produce melanin. This is used to provide color to the skin. If you have dark skin, it is because you have more melanin than somebody with fairer skin.

It is the sun’s UV rays which usually cause the melanocytes in the skin to produce more melanin. Tanning beds simulate the same response as they have built in UV rays and that is how they work.

Once you have a base tan, it is recommended that you use the tanning bed once or twice per week to maintain it. One advantage to Wolf tanning beds over other manufacturers is that they are fairly large in size and so they provide a more even coverage.

You don’t need to switch positions as often as you would in a smaller bed. So the result is quicker and you will be more comfortable whilst you are using them.

Wolf tanning beds

Are Tanning Beds Safe?

The main question that you may be asking yourself is “are tanning beds safe?” With so many conflicting warnings in the news about skin cancer and tanning beds, it is often hard to know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to home tanning.

Whilst Wolf strives to create the safest tanning beds available on the market, it is still important that you use the beds correctly. It is up to both the consumer and the manufacturer to ensure that the beds are safe.

You should never overuse a tanning bed as that could lead to skin cancer. The UV rays contained within a tanning bed are more potent than the suns natural rays. This means that they provide quick results, but you should be wary of over-exposure.

By practicing safe home tanning, you should find that a wolf tanning bed is safe to use. You can also purchase products to make home tanning safer. Goggles for example can help to protect the eyes against the UV rays.

Over time, exposure to the rays of light can damage the eyes and that is why it is so important to protect them. It is also advisable to wait at least 48 hours before you use the bed again.

Overall Wolf tanning beds are definitely one of the best makes of tanning beds available. There are excellent beds for both home use and salon use. So no matter what your tanning needs, why not see if a Wolf tanning bed could be just what you need?

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