Thank God for My Board Shorts

by Ryan
(St. Augustine, FL, USA)

I had never been a big fan of board shorts and thought that they were just a waste of money when athletic shorts were a perfect substitute, but after 30 minutes at the beach I realized how wrong I was.

With my athletic shorts I could run fine before getting in the water but afterwards, they would constantly fall down, or be weighed down with sand that somehow got in between the layers, something that doesn’t happen with board shorts.

The board shorts I bought ended up being the best beach related purchase I have ever made. I bought them one day at the beach in St. Augustine just as a back up in case I wanted to change from the athletic shorts that I had just purchased from Wal-Mart.

I’m so happy that I bought them on a whim, because they looked cool.

After arriving at the beach we played soccer as usual to let the sunscreen dry and to warm up a bit, then after about thirty minutes we headed down towards the water where we wave dived and other various things.

After emerging from the water I noticed that my pants were quite heavy but I had string to tie them with so I wasn’t worried.

After about thirty minutes of lying in the sun, we got back up to play soccer again but to my dismay my pants were way too heavy and quite wet still.

I was a little irritated because I was really looking forward to kicking the ball but I figured it would work out.

So we start playing and then I go to kick the ball and my shorts nearly fall all the way down, even after I tied them, needless to say I had to do something or soccer was over.

Then I realized that I had purchased those board shorts two hours earlier and man I couldn’t have been happier.

Not only are the board shorts light and comfortable but they dry super quickly and have no place for sand to become trapped.

It is a mistake to think that anything other than board shorts will suffice at the beach or lake.

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