The Best Girls Bathing Suits for Curvy Girls

by Yawilda
(Blacksburg, SC, USA)

I always have a hard time finding a bathing suit that is flattering as well as a little sexy, after all it is summer and you want to show a little skin at the beach.

I figured out that the best type of girls bathing suit for me is a tankini. A tankini consists of bikini style bottom with a top that covers your entire top half of your body.

Of course your arms and maybe your back will be out, but overall your stomach is covered. Some variations have the sides or the entire back out.

My favorite one is my brown and beige polka dot Ralph Lauren tankini. I wore this tankini every chance I got this summer, whether I was going to the beach or the pool.

My best memory this summer was my best friend's birthday. She decided to have a pool party at her house and invited all of our friends from college.

A lot of people from different states came and it turned out to be a huge reunion. We laughed and played different games. The food was amazing as well as the drinks.

But mostly I enjoyed seeing all my friends from school. Many people complimented me on my tankini. I think I had the best girls bathing suit. I felt very confident and cute in it.

By the time the night was over I did not want to take my tankini off. Everyone else started changing in to their clothes but I did not want to!

One thing about me, I like to wear my favorite bathing suit every day all day during summer. My mother has attempted to purchase other girls bathing suits for me but I feel that my polka dot tankini is perfect for me.

Until it rips or gets a giant hole, I'll be the girl with the polka dot tankini and I'm okay with that.

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