The Day I Lost My Conscious

by Anonymous

I have once experienced heat exhaustion when I was standing for assembly in the sun at my school.

It happened one morning when we had a longer session of the assembly.

That day as a guest had come to our school we had longer period of the assembly since he was giving us a speech.

I was fasting that day and didn’t have any water or food in the morning.

We were all listening to the speech very attentively when suddenly I started feeling dizziness and my eyes where blacking out.

After that I didn't know what had happened. I woke up in a vacant class room with teachers all around me giving me water and first aid to gain my conscious.

It was then that I realized that I had fallen unconscious out of heat exhaustion and that I was carried to the room by the students and teachers.

It was a very bad experience. I felt as if I was dieing.

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