The Importance of Infant Sunglasses

by Chelsea
(Erie, PA, USA)

This story is more trial and error than anything else. My son is only 6 months old, so of course, in the heat of the sun, he needs infant sunglasses.

I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a pair, it felt like I went everywhere and no one had infant sunglasses that fit my son's face!

When taking him to the beach or out to the park, I found that he could barely see through the blinding rays of the sun. He couldn't focus or even have fun because of the sun in his eyes.

So I was upsetting and feeling like infant sunglasses were a MUST for the summertime!

I finally found a pair from the local discount store, believe it or not! They fit him perfect. Only now my son looks like a raccoon!

I love throwing them in his little diaper bag, knowing he'll never be bothered by the sun in his eyes as long as I have them! They come in the cutest designs, too.

The ones he has are blue and have little cartoon cars on them, but there are precious ones for little girls with princesses.

They also come in fun shapes! Like stars and hearts and squares, which make putting the sunglasses on your baby fun for them, too!

Sometimes my son, when being introduced to new things like that, isn't sure how to take them, but with fun shapes and colors, he loves holding them, putting them on himself, and taking them off!

Plus I think he's caught on to the bonus feature, the fact that his eyes are always in shade when he has them on! He squeals with delight each time he realizes it! Too cute!

Baby Sunglasses

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