The Life I Almost Never Got to Have

by John
(Boca Raton, Florida, Unitd States)

One day while I was meandering in school, everyone started making mad fun of me. They used cutting words like loser, jenkum, and zombie.

They claimed that I had a monstrous tumor sucking on my nose. As I ran into the bathroom, I took a look into the mirror. I saw a red bulb on my nose.

After that, I paid my dermatologist a visit. He claimed it was pre-cancerous, and it must be removed.

Apparently my family has a bad history of skin disease, and my bad genes caused this, along with solar radiation.

In his office, I was sat down in a chair, and he began operating almost immediately. First, he pulled a huge needle and told me to relax.

He pinched skin on my nose, and proceeded to lance the needle into it. It hurt, but after about 3 seconds, it went away. He claimed it was numb, and joked about being able to hit it with a sledgehammer.

They cut off the boil and used a tool which I forget what it's called, but it burned the skin back and stopped bleeding. This was the end of the surgery, and it was a big success.

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