The Perfect Girls Bathing Suits

by Sarah
(Pennsylvania, USA)

Whatever suit you buy, always remember your sunscreen! I, personally, like the halter top suits, particularly in a paisley print.

I don’t know if many girls choose paisley, but I find it to be different and, therefore, more attractive.

I’m an average sized, American, Caucasian woman, not too big, not too small, and have a very difficult time finding a suit that’s fits me correctly.

Most of the time, it’s the suit’s lining that really gives me the most trouble. Often times, I end up cutting it out using scissors or a hemming tool.

Once the lining is out, most of the girls bathing suits I buy are more comfortable. The only time I’d not cut the lining out would be in the case of ocean swimming, as the lining can offer protection from sand getting into more private areas.

My basic preferences for suits are as follows: I find one-pieces are not sexy enough. But, a bikini or thong suit is certainly not flattering for a girl my size.

So I try to stick to the halter top suits, with the bikini bottom and a top which exposes the shoulders, yet covers the stomach area.

It’s sexy, and tasteful. And a lot of men find the same thing when I’m either on the boardwalk or at a bar close to the pool.

Most of the time, I can buy these types of girls bathing suits on clearance at any local department store, either in or out of the season.

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