Tilley Hats are Truly Hats for All Seasons

Tilley hats are truly hats for all seasons if you want to choose from hats that not only catch the attention of everyone around you but also offer ultimate comfort to your head in all types of weather.

Whether you love to fish, play golf, walk, hike, trek, travel on land, air or water, watch birds, hunt game, or simply indulge in a little gardening in your backyard you are sure to find a wonderful hat from Tilley Endurables that will protect your head from sun, rain, and snow.

Tilley hats come with a lifetime guarantee as well as insurance coverage!

Tilley Endurables is a Canadian company established by Alex Tilley who made a rugged hat for himself after a search for a suitable sailing hat proved fruitless.

His thirst for perfection led him to start his own company that offers nothing but the best in various types of rimmed and floppy hats for men, women, and kids.

The toughness of these hats has been proved time and again by avid explorers that roam all around the globe while wearing their trusty hats from tilley, year after year.

Anyway, almost all tilley hats come with a lifetime guarantee and with insurance coverage too, which promises to reimburse half the price of your hat if it is stolen or damaged beyond repair within two years.

These supremely rugged-yet-stylish hats are made from a wide variety of materials including wool, Tilley Nylamtium, which is a soft-yet-tough nylon variant, hemp, spandex, wool felt and various types of cotton.

This innovative company also offers various designs such as AIRFLO, Fedora, and many more as well as a wide range in kids and girls hats.

You can also choose from select cap designs if you are an avid golfer or simply want to look like one.

Although each hat is sewn by hand, you will still be able to receive consistency in quality that even machines might be hard-pressed to deliver.

What are the advantages to choosing tilley hats?

There are several advantages to choosing tilley hats over others. These hats are made from special patented fabrics that are tough on the outside but smooth as silk on the inside.

These materials are also breathable and can thus offer ultimate comfort whether you are waiting for that rare bird to arrive in its jungle nest or waiting for that elusive six-footer fish to bite your bait.

These hats will not shrink and are easily washable.

As you might know, the sun's rays can be harmful if you are exposed to them for a longer time, and in order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays these hats from tilley come with a UPF rating of 50+ that cuts down 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

A special foam liner in these hats also ensures that your hat will float in water in case it falls into the water.

Whatever your needs, you are sure to find a matching tilley to protect your head in all seasons as well as protect your reputation of being stylish at the same time.

You can choose from a very wide range of tilley hats and are sure to have a tough time in making up your mind if you plan to buy only one hat.

A better option would be to buy one for each excursion so that you can truly get the best in UV protection as well as wow others with your sense of style.

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