A Tilly Hat is the Perfect Fashion item for any Weather

A tilly hat can show your taste in top quality and fashion. If you have been replacing your hats regularly or feel people smirking behind your back when you walk out with your hat on your head, then it is time to change over to tilley ( tilly hat ).

Each hat made by this Canadian company offers ruggedness sewn into a fashionable hat that will inform others around you that you are indeed a connoisseur of fine quality hats that last a lifetime.

Tilley Endurables is a Canadian company that makes the tilley brand of hats that are also fondly known as tilly by many hat lovers around the world.

Most designs of these hats are available with a lifetime guarantee that informs you of the supreme confidence that the company has in its products.

Since these hats also make hat thieves lose control of their emotions and actions, each tilly hat also comes with a 2 year insurance against theft and damage, which ensures that you only have to pay 50% while buying a new hat against the value of your old hat.

Choose your tilley hat based on the weather

These hats are made for discerning men, women, kids, and girls.

You can choose hats made either in plain cotton, organic cotton, waxed cotton, wool, wool felt, hemp, raffia, or nylon, based on the weather that will be experienced once you proudly wear your hat outside.

Instead of the normal 5 to 6 sizes offered by other hat manufacturers, you can now choose from 13 hat sizes when you opt for tilly.

This will result in a cozy fit that will protect your head from sun, snow, sleet, rain, and wind at all times.

Doctors are concerned that in a bid to grab some sunlight, most people end up catching various skin problems due to increased exposure to UV rays emitted by the sun.

If you love playing golf, watching birds or animals in their natural surroundings, or love fishing, walking, and trekking or even love to dig up your garden during the day, then adequate sun protection is a must.

However, a dowdy hat will crush your confidence while any hat below a UPF 50+ UV protection rating will not protect the skin on your head, face, and neck adequately.

What you need is a matching tilly hat that offers superior protection against the sun while informing people that your fashion sense is indeed impeccable.

Tilley uses cutting edge materials for their fashionable hats

Tilley hats use cutting edge materials such as Tilley Nylamtium, which is extremely lightweight nylon that is breathable as well as water-repellant at the same time, as well as spandex, hemp, cotton, and wool in different areas of each hat to offer a comfortable feel even after several hours of wearing them.

Most hats also offer ventilation as well as a dense foam packing at the top to ensure that your well-padded hat does not sink in case it falls into the water.

The hats are washable and dry easily while the tuckaway cord ensures that your hat stays on your head through high winds, rain or snow.

If you are tired of low quality hats that fall apart after a few months then it is time to upgrade your hat wardrobe as well as you reputation at the same time.

You can browse through the entire collection of hats made by tilley before you make up your mind on the ones that will suit your purpose as well as project your taste in top quality as well as fashion.

Your tilley hat ( tilly hat ) will surely be your pride and the envy of inferior hats and their owners that are sure to follow your cue to shift over to these wonderful hats that last for life.

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