Unsuccessful Board Short Purchase

by Isabella
(Malibu, Ca, USA)

Two summers ago, I bought a pair of O’Neill board shorts. Being the end of the summer season; however, they weren’t an easy find.

I bought them from PacSun; however, the reason why they weren’t an easy find was because I was looking for long board shorts, the 9 inch seam board shorts.

Now, those are very hard to find in stores since girls are known for wearing short board shorts. I did find long ones online, however, since I had to pay for shipping, I wasn’t really sure about the sizing.

I finally got a chance to wear the board shorts the next summer, and they seemed fine.

They fit just right, which meant that I didn’t have a problem with them. However, during the past summer, I pulled them out and tried them on.

They didn’t fit right anymore since I had gained a few pounds. The problem being is they lacked an elastic waist band, which meant it was a clip button that wouldn’t close.

It did close when I was standing, but when I sat down, the button would snap right open.

They felt really tight at the under area making it very uncomfortable to sit in. When I got into the water, I couldn’t feel them anymore, so they didn’t irritate me.

However, it is a lesson learned. Next board shorts that I will buy, I will make sure that they have an elastic waist band.

Also, I will probably get shorter ones, maybe a 5 inch seam since I have a terrible bruise just 2 inches above my knees, which means I can’t wear shorts or skirts in a while.

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