Visor Hats Can Cover Your Basic Sun Protection Needs

Visor hats can cover your basic sun protection needs if you are not able to wear wide brimmed hats.

Extended exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun can cause severe sunburn or worse can also cause skin cancer.

These hats can offer complete sun protection for your face and forehead although your head and neck might still remain exposed to the sun.

Even though Vitamin D absorption that is acquired through the rays of the sun can help improve your digestion as well as help other organs of your body to perform at optimum levels, too much exposure to the sun can cause more harm than good.

In addition, delicate skin areas such as you face and forehead can also cause dark tanning in addition to various skin problems and your neighbors might simply not recognize you after a long stint on the beach or on the golf course.

If you feel that you do not look good in full sized hats then you should at least get some form of UV protection with the help of stylish and functional visor hats.

Opt for visors made of cotton instead of plastic

Instead of opting for visors that feature cheap plastics that simply look horrible, you should opt for hats that feature visors made of cotton, polyester or nylon.

There are select sports and fashion stores and online stores that offer a wide range of such hats in various colors and styles.

If possible, you should choose a wide brimmed hat that also falls over your ears so as to offer maximum protection. The basic models of these hats cause lower levels of sweating since your head and hair is exposed to outside air at all times.

A wider brim will also provide a higher UPF rating that will offer better protection from the sun.

While choosing between various visor hats, you should also try to choose hats that are washable and packable.

This will enable you to carry your hat in your pocket or travel bag until you reach your destination, be it a game in an open stadium, a game of golf, a lazy stroll on a beach, or even a gardening stint in your backyard.

If possible, you should also opt for a hat that has a dark color under the visor so as to further reduce UV ray reflections.

The sweatband on your forehead should also absorb sweat efficiently as well as dry quickly so as to be ready for your next stint.

Choose a visor that offers maximum protection

Most of these hats are available in universal sizes and a few are also available in unisex designs.

You should choose one that offers maximum protection, weighs less, stays firmly on your forehead without pinching it, and evokes looks of envy from the passing public.

A finely embroidered logo on the visor can also enhance the look of your hat and you can also order custom made hats as part of your club or corporate theme.

If, for some reason, you are unable or unwilling to wear full sized hats or are more into outdoor sports then you should ensure that your head is still protected in contemporary fashion with the help of visor hats that combine style with function.

A well-fitting hat with a wide visor will protect your forehead, ears, and face even as you enjoy your outdoor activities to the fullest.

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