Water Shoes and Ants

by Chris
(Jersey City, NJ, USA)

I remember one summer my family and I went to Puerto Rico on vacation.

I was about 12 years old and my family had just returned from a trip to the beach.

I and my three cousins still had a lot of energy after our trip to the beach that we decided to go exploring around my aunt’s mountain-side farm.

I still had on my water shoes and figured changing them would just waste exploration time. We began climbing a mountain right by the house.

According to my cousins the view was so pretty from the top. The mountain seemed gigantic to me but still it was the smallest in the area.

We made it half way up with no problems until I stepped on something mushy. All of a sudden my water show and foot were swarming with ants.

I yelled so loudly my mom and aunt came out of the house and my cousins all hurried to me. When they arrived they all started to laugh and help wipe off my foot and shoe.

Till this day I have a scar where the ants attacked. I refuse to wear water shoes ever again once I am out of the water, they obviously are only for that purpose.

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