Wide Brim Sun Hat
for Outdoor Activities

You must have seen a wide brim sun hat for the first time when you were a child in cowboy movies.

The scenes of a cowboy lifting his hat with his gun after a particularly convenient shooting match are imprinted in all the children that grew up watching movies.

The direct result of this, for every boy, is that he starts fantasizing about being a cowboy like that when he grows up. As you already know, the notion is quite ridiculous.

However, the fantasy can be lived to a certain extent without it being only a whim because wide brim sun hats are especially recommended by doctors for people who spend a lot of time in the sun. Hence, you can wear these hats and live your dream to a certain extent.

Why is a wide brim sun hat recommended by doctors?

In order to understand why these types of sun hats are recommended by doctors, you need to first comprehend the impact of prolonged exposure of sunlight on a human being.

Sunlight is comprised of light rays of different types. One of these is known as ultraviolet rays or UV rays. Ultraviolet rays are regarded as extremely dangerous by doctors and scientists because they hold the potential to cause a variety of diseases, ranging from very serious to fairly routine.

In fact, since prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause Malignant Melanoma which is basically skin cancer, they are considered to be carcinogenic.

Apart from this, too much exposure to sunlight can also result in you losing a good deal of your eyesight through a problem called Macular Degeneration.

This disease entails loss of direct eyesight leaving only peripheral vision. The lesser damage that ultraviolet rays can cause include premature ageing of the skin leading to blemishes, wrinkles and other marks and bleaching of your hair or its discoloration.

What type of wide brim sun hat should you have for sun protection?

As per their name, logic dictates that you focus on sun hats that have wide brims. The reason for this is simply that the wider the brim the lesser the extent of ultraviolet rays on your face and eyes i.e. the more UV protection.

Along with this, since the primary purpose of sun hats is to prevent ultraviolet rays from making contact with your skin, the material that they are made of needs to be resistant to these rays.

Therefore, you should primarily aim for sun hats that carry a UPF or SPF rating of 50+, which implies that the hat would block off around 98 percent of sunlight.

However, this may not be enough because different situations call for different properties. For example, if you are going fishing then you would need your wide brim sun hat to be waterproof as well.

Furthermore, depending upon the climate that you are going to face, you would need to either choose breathable sun hats (for hot climates) or non breathable sun hats (for cold climates). You should also note that the best place to buy these hats is online.

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