Best Sunglasses

by Kristen F
(Springfield, MO, USA)

To me, the best sunglasses are the ones that are regular glasses, but that change to be sunglasses when one goes out into the sun.

I myself have experienced these glasses, and know one other friend who has them and loves them as well.

For me, I enjoyed them because I literally didn’t even have to think about putting on a pair of sunglasses when I stepped outside; my regular glasses were already doing the work.

And because of the fact that I do have glasses and cannot see without them, this was the most convenient way of being able to see and also being protected from the sun.

It can be annoying for people who have prescription glasses to have to put a pair of sunglasses over their own glasses, or to get clip on shades to cover their glasses.

When one has a pair of glasses that changes color in order to protect the eyes from the sun outdoors, there is the convenience about not having to worry about getting out another object, whether it be clip-on shades or sunglasses.

Also, these sorts of sunglasses that change in the light protect the eyes in the case of there not being any sunglasses available.

Someone who wouldn’t go to the trouble of getting sunglasses will now have protection without even thinking about it.

Continued protection of the eyes from sun, even on darker days, protects the eyes from UV rays and the delicate skin around the eye from fine lines and wrinkles.

Basically, the best sunglasses are the ones that change from regular glasses to sunglasses as soon as the bright light of the sun hits them. Now that's convenient uv eye protection.

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