The Best Sunscreen for Your Purposes

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The best sunscreen is something that meets your needs. You may have the most powerful; most top of the line brand of sunscreen out there, but it will be close to useless if it does not help you with what you need most at the moment.

So what do you need to do? Identify your needs, and then make an informed choice to select the best sunscreen that will meet them:

Skin tone

Just try and avoid the temptation to pick up and use any sunscreen off the bat. The shade of your skin is one of the most important determinants of a sunscreen that will work for you.

Dark skin, fair skin, and light skin all have unique sunscreen formulas to provide the best protection while being mild enough to prevent damaging it over time.

So make sure to carefully read the instructions before picking up a bottle and carelessly splashing it on your skin.

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Water resistance

Some types of sunscreen are specifically made to be used even when wet, while others tend to wash away when exposed to water. So that means if you plan to go swimming in a pool or on the beach, opt for a water-resistant sunscreen variant.

Regular sunscreen would be alright for dry outdoor excursions, like watching the big game or just taking a stroll on the beach. Choose carefully, if you do not want to risk exposure if ever your sunscreen washes off.

Durability of the sunscreen

Another factor to consider for the best sunscreen to suit your purposes would be the durability of the sunscreen over time. Regular versions of sunscreen are designed to last a few hours, while the higher-end versions can last the whole day.

The more long-lasting ones cost more for their added protection, so weigh your options when choosing a sunscreen to meet your purposes.

Composition of the sunscreen

Some people are particularly sensitive when their skin is subjected to certain chemical compounds: rashes, burning sensations and outright injury can befall the sunscreen user who has the misfortune of having sensitive skin.

If you have such sensitive skin, consult your dermatologist for the best sunscreen that is mild enough for your skin to tolerate but potent enough to screen out the sun’s harmful UV rays on your skin.

Intensity of the sunscreen

The intensity of the components of the sunscreen also has a major role to play in the long-term use of sunscreen. The stronger types of sunscreen often have negative effects on your skin when used over a lengthy period of time.

So you should weigh the costs with the benefits if you plan to use sunscreen on a regular basis. Choose one that is mild enough for regular use, but strong enough to effectively protect your skin.

From choosing a water-resistant sunscreen to one that is appropriate for people with sensitive skin, these pointers will help you, the consumer, find the best sunscreen that will need your purposes without damaging both your wallet and your skin in the long run.

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