Biodegradable Sunscreen
What Makes it Special

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Have you ever wondered why biodegradable sunscreen is making a splash in the sun block scene?

The current oil-based sunscreens do the job just fine, they keep the sun’s harmful rays out of the way, they are easy to apply, and they generally do a good job of protecting your skin.

Are you aware that traditional chemical-based sunscreen has the potential to both harm the environment and damage your skin in the long run?

This is where biodegradable sunscreen comes in to make up for these shortcomings:

Gentle on the skin

Regular sunscreens do what they advertise: protect your skin from the harmful UV rays emanating from the sun.

The long term use of sunscreen, though, is an entirely different thing: you may be protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays, but the chemicals traditionally used to do so have a harsh way of affecting your skin.

biodegradable sunscreen

Being a by-product of chemicals, adverse effects are bound to show up over time, especially for individuals unfortunate enough to have particularly sensitive skin.

Biodegradable sunscreen is made from natural ingredients that are both easy on the skin’s surface and gentle enough to have no lasting effects on the skin as well.

This sunscreen is a very viable option for people with skin problems who want to have a little fun under the sun.

Environment friendly

Being processed from chemicals and oils, regular sunscreens have a particularly destructive effect on natural plant and animal life found in the ocean.

This is especially so for rare and fragile coral reefs and formations. A coral’s susceptibility to even the slightest chemical traces in the water makes sunscreen dangerous to their continued existence.

Sunscreen made from natural substances, on the other hand, is entirely safe for all plant and animal life found in the waters of the seas and oceans.

The biodegradable materials found inside them means that they decompose naturally and easily as time passes, as opposed to the long-lasting effects of chemical-based sunscreens.

This makes biodegradable sunscreens a preferred choice for saving both your skin and the life that makes oceans, seas, rivers and lakes so mesmerizing and beautiful.

Effective protection

A sunscreen’s main use is to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, and this is not compromised by a natural sunscreen.

The efficiency of a biodegradable-sunscreen is as effective at keeping out the sun’s rays as any regular bottle of chemical-based sunscreen.

There will be no price to be paid when you decide to go green with this kind of sunscreen, as it affords no less protection than any other kind of sunscreen.

You would be effectively protecting both the environment and your skin when you decide to use a natural sunscreen over a chemical based one.

So there you have it, three simple but important reasons why making a transition from regular sunscreen to biodegradable sunscreen is important.

Save the environment and save your skin, while ensuring your skin effective protection from the sun’s harsh rays. With biodegradable sunscreen , you’ll be able to frolic in the ocean without having to worry about a thing.

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