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For some people clip on sunglasses are an ideal choice. Since, there are people who would love to wear sunglasses but cannot as they already wear prescription glasses. Moreover, they may not be able to afford the modern prescription sunglasses or expensive eyewear like contact lenses.

In today's world, whether you need to shield your eyes from the UV rays or merely look smart or even conceal your expressions, sunglasses are an ideal option. They help you to protect your vision and even enhance your personality.

Clip on sunglasses as the name suggests are glasses that can be clipped on to your prescription glasses. They are a favorite with people who love outdoor sports like boating or fishing.

The best part about these kinds of sunglasses is that if you happen to drop them in water, they simply float in water unlike the regular sunglasses that can sink and get lost.

clip on sunglasses

Moreover, these clip on sunglasses can be easily replaced if they are broken or damaged as they do not cost as much as the regular ones.

Moreover, most of these sunglasses that are used for sport purposes are impact resistant. A durable material like Titanium is used to make the clips on these sunglasses while the lenses are made from high quality materials.

These days you can get these kinds of sunglasses in different styles like rimless and many more. Earlier such sunglasses used to look bulky but now they look smart and trendy.

Whether you are looking for some designer wear or a simple piece, you can get a number of options to choose from. People love buying various pairs of such clip on glasses for different settings, dresses or occasions.

You can flip up most of these sunglasses in case of cloudy whether or when you step into a building. You can even get holders that can be attached to your car visor which can be used to store the sunglasses.

Some people are under the impression that clip on sunglasses are not as effective as the regular sunglasses when it comes to UV protection.

However, that is not true. These sunglasses also have polarised lenses and Blublocker High Resolution glasses that can not only help in protecting your eyes from the UV rays but also diminish the glare from the road and the light rays belonging to the blue spectrum.

Here are some more tips on buying the right kind of clip on glasses:

* Style: The clip ons that you buy should be compatible with your prescription glasses and their frames. For example, if you wear glasses with a square frame do not buy round clip ons or vice versa.

* Fit: Your clip ons should fit the prescription frames and not be too oversized or undersized. They should look like a part of your glasses and not an addition.

* Type: You can choose between standard clips on glasses, magnetic clip ons or flip up clip ons depending on your style and convenience.

Clip on sunglasses are the best option when it comes to style, convenience and UV protection!

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