by Brad

When I was a teenager I like so many others worshipped the Sun.

Every spare moment during the summer was spent either reveling in the Sun or pursuing ways to bask in it.

I never considered the negative effects of this behavior until much later in life.

How could I be damaged from something as glorious as the Sun?

Protection from the Sun came from tanning oils never Sunscreen.

Why would I want to block what would give me the bronze tone that I coveted.

I even tried to tan with baby oil upon hearing of its superior coloring ability.

A couple of hours of Summer Sun and baby oil netted me a case of Sun poisoning complete with blisters.

Almost twenty years later I still carry around some scars from the blistering.

I have learned to try to avoid the Sun when possible, and when unavoidable to use best sunscreen.

I am lucky to have had two non-cancerous moles removed. There are few things in life I regret. Taking better care of my skin is one.

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