Dollar Store Sunglasses Experiences!

by Lil James Wow
(Canton, MI, USA)

During a fateful Tuesday afternoon, I moseyed my way over the dollar store on Ford road in Canton, Michigan.

Although I was there for their delicious off-brand pop-tarts, I managed to find something of much higher caliber.

Walking my way through their aisles, I saw something that changed my life; a pair of beautiful, white driving sunglasses.

First of all, the color of the glasses was pearl white with big, plastic lens. They look like new-age aviators and at only a dollar, I was a certain sell.

Initially, I was not digging the whole bar on top of the glasses and as a result, used a kitchen knife to make sure the only band contained on the glasses was the one that occurs over the nose, rather than across the eye brow line as well.

I stuck with my edited sunglasses for a period of time till I was certain I had lost them forever. It was from there where I subsequently went back to the dollar store and bought even more pop tarts and driving sunglasses.

After repurchasing the same, stock, dollar store glasses, I left the band over the eyebrow on the glasses as to allow an unfettered or unstrained look about them.

I feel that by cutting off the eyebrow piece, the glasses look unglamorous and I don't like looking less than 100% glam-tastic.

A mistake was made and the mistake was corrected. Driving my way to work the following week, I found my old, cut up driving glasses and basked in the happiness of having a good pair of beautiful driving glasses.

I hope you can find the pair you love. I think glasses are all an extension of the user's personality.

Good luck!

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