Driving Sunglasses
Accessories or a Necessity?

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Driving sunglasses are a different case altogether. Besides making you look good, they protect your eyes in a number of ways.

These days sunglasses have become more of a necessity than an accessory. Whether it is protection against the harmful UV rays or just concealing tired eyes, sunglasses are used for a variety of purposes.

Of course they are also worn to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Stars use them to create an air of mystery that is so much a part of their persona.


Motorcyclists or scooter drivers have to battle a variety of natural elements while on the road. The scorching and blinding sunlight can cloud your judgment when driving on winding roads. The surface of these roads reflects the sunlight that can blind you.

driving sunglasses

As mentioned before, UV rays can also harm your eyes. Most driving sunglasses come equipped with UV blocks that not only protect your eyes but also negate the glare reflected by the road.


Besides the sun, wind can also cause a lot of problem in driving. Wind can cause irritation in your eyes. Many a times, it can also be a harbinger of a number of irritants.

A windy day can be a tough prospect for driver since wind can cause small insects or dust to fall into your eyes. Besides, we tend to squint when it is a windy day, which in turn impairs our visual sight and does not allow us to see the road ahead properly.

There are people who say helmets with a face protector are a better idea. However, such face protectors do not have a clear vision as compared to sunglasses.

There are different kinds of driving sunglasses available, which may confuse the common man. Hence, here are some tips that can help you to select the right kind of glasses that will not only look good but protect your eyes to a large extent.

Adequate UV protection

Your sunglasses should have 100% UV protection in order to be effective. Whether you are driving cross country or just across the city, you need to make sure that your sunglasses safeguard your eyes.

However, cheap sunglasses may look attractive but they can be an expensive proposition when it comes to the doctor's bill. Hence, quality sunglasses may cost more but will go a long way to ensure healthy eyes.

Resistance from impact

High speed driving means a lot of impact. So, even an insect or snow or rain can cause your sunglasses to shatter if they are of cheap quality. This in turn can cause accidents and even damage your eyes.

In order to avoid all these problems, you need to look at sunglasses that are impact resistant. Look at glasses that have ballistic grade lenses like Wiley X and Oakley that are preferred by the US Military.

Comfort: Last but not the least

Your driving sunglasses may have all the features but if they are not comfortable, then it can create a lot of problems. They should sit well on your nose and not pinch or slip. You should feel good about wearing them and they should fit you like a second skin.

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