Don’t Forget Your Water Socks

by Anonymous

The beaches are such an amazing place to hang out and enjoy but there are perils many of us don’t take into consideration.

I remember a time when I was in Hawaii visiting, the ocean was immaculate and the water pristine.

One day, as I was entering the water, I noticed sharp jagged rocks as I ran into the water, it hurt at first but I didn’t think much of it.

The day was beautiful and all I wanted to do was enjoy the waves that were pounding the shoreline.

From time to time I would notice my feet hurting but I just thought it was from the sand getting in between my toes.

Well, the sun went down and the waves began to get bigger so I decided to head to the beach and just watch the sun set.

The next morning, when I got out of bed, I noticed the bottom of my feet were hurting unbearably so I propped them up next to a mirror to see, what I saw was just frightening.

From the top of my toes to the bottom of my heel it looked like I had just ran through a fire pit of glass.

I soon learned the benefit and need of wearing water socks or Aqua
. The next two days were spent nursing my feet.

When I went back out to the beach, I located a beach hut that was selling water socks and at a premium price.

Not wanting to experience the same fate as before, I forked out the money I bought them. Wow, how comfy they felt.

That day I was at the beach about 6 hours and didn’t experience any pain in my feet or toes.

I walked in those water socks the whole day, I even went to dinner in them. There was no greater purchase than those water shoes.

Nearly 3 years later, I still own those water socks and use them every time I go to the beach.

They are especially good when walking through the sand because you never know where glass, needles or other hazardous things can be silently buried.

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