Double Burn

by Forrest
(Illinois, USA)

I am a white nineteen year old male and I thought I had pretty tan skin.

I live in Illinois and I am outdoors all the time with my shirt off.

I went on a trip to Lido Keys Florida and was expecting the same old routine when it came to sun.

I went out with no sunscreen on and no shirt all day and felt fine. But, that night I looked into the mirror and saw red, red, and more red.

I got really burned and I regretted not using any SPF products. The sun's intensity is so much different down there compared to Illinois.

I was told about UV rays, but I didn't believe that I was one of those people that would burn so easily.

I was peeling badly and my skin was very sensitive. I didn't want this to ruin the whole trip so I continued to go out, but with sunscreen.

It didn't matter, that's right.

I got burned again on top of my old sunburn. OUCH! Eventually my skin got better but I will always use sun protection in the future!

Sun Allergy

Human Skin

UV Index

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