Eye Problems

by Ginny
(Key West, FL, USA)

For years I sunbathed without eye protection like sunglasses or the little plastic pieces that fit just over the eyeball area.

I would even sit in the sun on the beach and read all afternoon like that.

Years later, as a senior citizen, I noticed something strange happening on the inner corner of the white of my eye and sought an opthamologist's diagnosis.

He said I had something called pterygium growth which was caused by too much exposure from UV Rays.

He said that if it was not removed by surgery, it could grow over the center of the eye and impede my vision.

The strange part of this is that the inner corner of my left eye would be the area most exposed while sitting on the East Coast beaches as the sun went across the afternoon sky as I faced the ocean.

Those rays would be hitting that area of my eye for the most hours! The problem was corrected by surgery which was not pleasant.

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