Flap Hats for Men

Flap hats are the perfect hats for men who like to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Whether you like to fish, work out in your yard or just spend as much time as you can outdoors, these hats will provide the sun protection you need to avoid sunburn.

Sunburn can do a lot of damage to your skin and it's usually pretty painful as well. Although sunscreen will help, it doesn't provide the same level of UV protection as sun hats.

Styles of Flap Hats

All flap-hats are basically the same but there are two different styles you'll see when shopping around.

The first is the style that looks like a baseball cap but it also has flaps on the side to protect your ears and a cape on the back to protect your neck.

The brim looks like that of a baseball cap and fits in much the same way that a regular cap would.

The second style you'll find is a large-billed hat. These have a wide brim all around the hat with a cape on the back to protect the neck.

These flap hats don't need ear flaps because the cape for the neck begins at the ear and goes back. The brim and the cape provide enough protection for the face, ears and neck.

What to Look for in Sun Hats

When you're looking for a hat that will provide sun protection you want to make sure it's made with Certified Sun Fabric that will actually block 98% of UV rays.

Sun hats are made with a special fabric that is designed to shield your skin from the sun. Choose fabrics that also provide a 50+ UVB rating - most sun hats do but it's a good idea to double check.

It's also good to make sure the hat is lightweight. You don't want to wear a hat that feels heavy when you're out in the warmth of the sun.

Choosing a hat with good ventilation and/or breathable fabric will help to keep you comfortable as well. Some flap hats have moisture wick bands to keep the sweat away from your face and help keep you cool.

How to Know What Size to Get

It's no secret that there are a variety of head sizes. Knowing what size you are is pretty easy though considering most hats have one size fits most sizing.

Pay special attention to the sizing because many hats will say one size fits most up to a specific size - such as 7 3/8 or 7 ¼. Most flap hats will have an elastic band that will stretch a bit to fit just about any head.

Flap hats are very inexpensive and they're a great investment, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors fishing or doing other activities.

They provide really great sun protection so you don't have to worry about burning your head or face which can be very painful and also harmful to your skin.

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