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3 Sun Protection Hat Styles to Consider

A garden hat is a must have if you spend a lot of time tending your garden. If you do have a garden, it's likely that you spend a lot of time outdoors and much of that time is probably spent directly beneath UV rays.

Since UV rays are damaging to the skin, it's a good idea to protect your head, face and neck with a garden-hat. Not just any hat will do though, a hat that provides real sun protection is what you need.

Floppy Brim Hats

A floppy brim hat is the perfect garden hat because they have such a large brim on them. The larger the brim the more sun protection you will have.

A wide brim means that your head, face, neck and ears are being shielded from the sun. These hats also look very fashionable which a lot of women can appreciate. These hats are available in a variety of colors and prints to suit any personal tastes.

Flap Hats

Flap hats are also a good choice because they have a flap near the ears and/or cape in the back that help protect your ears and your neck.

If you're working in your garden, many times your back and neck are directly facing the sun whether you like it or not. Since you're constantly looking down and working towards the ground, the sun is going to be beating on your back, neck and ear areas the most.

Flap hats have excellent sun protection because they can cover the ears and neck easily and prevent sunburn.

Safari Hats

Safari hats come in a variety of styles and sizes but they're basically a fitted hat that has a brim on them. The brim isn't as large as what you'd find on a floppy brim hat, but it's enough to provide UV protection.

As long as the brim is at least 3 inches in width, you can be sure that you're getting the protection you need. If the brim isn't very wide, it isn't going to protect as much.

How Do I Know If My Hat Provides Real Sun Protection?

Wearing any type of hat outdoors is a tiny bit better than wearing nothing at all, but all hats are not created equal when it comes to sun protection.

A good garden hat will be made with the appropriate materials that block up to 98% of the sun's UV rays. That's a pretty good rate and not one that your average hat can provide.

A hat with real sun protection will also have a UVB rating of 50+ which is the maximum you will find.

When shopping for a garden hat be sure it's a hat made with fabric that blocks UV rays. The highest rating you'll find is 98% which is perfect.

Also, be sure the brim is wide enough so that it protects your face, neck and ears since those are the areas that the sun will be hitting the most.

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