Girls Bathing Suits Are Too Skimpy!

by April Leanna Oakley
(Machias, ME, USA)

Girls bathing suits today are way too skimpy.

I love the thought of summer coming up and taking my beautiful daughter bathing suit shopping when she loves and trying her bathing suits on.

I don't know what it is but every year the girls bathing suits are getting way too skimpy.

When I was growing up, it was okay to wear a bathing suit that had a skirt to it.

Now the only bating suits they make with a full skirt are the tie on ones and those are mostly for cover up rather than being attached.

Now when I go in a store they have skimpy triangle & string bathing suits.

The strings even tie. I don't think any girl should be wearing a triangle bathing suit long enough a bathing suit that has strings which tie.

The only places the suits should tie is in the back and I don't even approve of those.

I'm just happy about the fact that I am able to walk right past those and get the ones I approve of.

They don't have to be one piece. I do buy my daughter two piece suits.

They just have to be comforting for her to wear and comforting for me to know I can always count on finding a suit that will cover her where she needs to be.

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