Have You Seen My Sunglasses?

by Steph
(Pennsylvania, USA)

I was vacationing with my family in Las Vegas. We were on our way out of our hotel, Treasure Island, to go catch a show at another hotel on The Strip.

As soon as we got in the elevator, my father, who has worn glasses all of his life, dropped his magnetic sunglasses.

Did they fall inside the elevator? No. Did they fall on the floor just outside of the elevator? No.

They fell in the itty-bitty crack between the floor and the elevator. Just about the time we realized this, the door to the elevator closed and we started our descent to the lobby.

Figuring they were lost forever, or until they clean out the elevator shaft, my dad goes to the front desk and files a report about the missing sunglasses.

Knowing that he should not go walking around the 110 degree desert without some sort of eye protection, he decided to go back up to the room and get his back-up sunglasses.

While he did this, the rest of my family, myself included, decided to wait for him in the lobby rather than take the trip back to the room.

Five minutes later, my father joined us in the lobby. In his hand were his magnetic clip on sunglasses. The same sunglasses we thought were lost forever.

When we asked him how he got them back, he informed us that the magnets had somehow managed to catch on the outside of the elevator.

Talk about some lucky sunglasses.

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