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Many people that wear prescription glasses also have magnetic clip on sunglasses. These are the latest in fashion and much more secure than the old clip on sunglasses styles.

These sunglasses have a magnet on both sides of the at the top edges of the sunglasses that fit snugly to the prescription glasses.

What are the Advantages of Clip-ons?

The magnetic clip on sunglasses have advanced with UV ray protection so that they have become a popular choice among many people that do not want to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses.

The clip-ons with the magnets make it more convenient because they snap into place in seconds, and they remain securely in place, yet are easy to remove.

magnetic clip on sunglasses

Where do you Find the Magnetic Clip-ons?

When you have your eyes examined, most of the eye doctors have a selection of the magnetic clip on sunglasses available for you to choose. This ensures the fit is perfect from the moment you put them on.

Additionally, there are magnetic type of clip-ons available for sale at many department stores, but you will need to be able to ensure they fit properly before your purchase them because shapes of prescription eyewear vary greatly.

Do These Clip-ons Provide Protection

The clip-ons, like all sunglasses available today vary by UV protection, but many of the clip-ons provide 100 percent UV protection. It is important to ensure the sunglasses have a high level of sun protection and not to choose the clip-ons for looks alone.

You can find sunglasses in both looks and protection since most companies that produce them know how important the UV protection truly is.

What's the Best UV Protection to Buy?

You have many choices in the clip-on varieties and you must-have the mindset when shopping that the level of UV ray protection the sunglasses provide are the most important feature.

Remember, you can purchase the sunglasses to look stylish, but make sure the UV protection is there with the style. Otherwise, your sunglasses are not doing anything to protect your eyes.

Sunglasses manufacturers have wised up, for the most part and offer sunglasses that are not only the latest styles but also have the best UV protection.

Do Specific Colors of Tint Help with Protection?

Many people believe that a specific color of tint, such as very dark blocks more UV rays, but in fact, this is not always the case. You can find very dark sunglasses with UV protection and very light-colored lenses with UV protection.

On the other hand, you can find both very dark and light lenses with very little UV protection. Both should be avoided since both are useless in protecting your eyes from eye diseases later in life.

Final Thoughts

If you wear prescription glasses, consider the magnetic clip on sunglasses , they are easy to wear, look great, and can protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. It eliminates the need to purchase a separate pair of cheap prescription sunglasses, so in the end, you will save money.

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