Home Window Tinting
Benefits for the Home and Family

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Home window tinting gives everyone the PSS benefits – privacy, security, and safety. Certainly it’s not cheap to have your home windows tinted but the price is worth it in these environmentally unfriendly times and increasing crime rates.

Why Do You Need Home Window Tint Protection?

Home-window-tinting in Texas, Florida, and California is a regional past time because the sun beats it’s rays mercilessly down there all the time and bombard everything that come across its path with its deadly UV rays.

Yet, you are not excused if you’re not living in any of these places. Even in cooler climates, your home windows need to be film/tint protected because the sun’s UV rays know no boundaries, race or governments.

home window tinting

Why Bother?

Tinting home windows took off after car window tinting when it was scientifically established that UV rays can seep indoors through every conceivable opening and through glass windows. Why the fuss? UV rays are not your friendly sunbeams. These are deadly rays that can give you skin cancer, hasten macular degeneration and cause premature aging.

These rays can also harm your carpets, furniture, upholstery, and your interior paints because their frequent exposure to heat and UV rays hastens their fading and deterioration. These are additional reasons why you should bother to tint your home windows.

How Private is Your Privacy?

So you and your family love the sun and adore the sun’s light streaming through your glass windows. You also love your garden view in the front yard or you simply want to be a part of the hustle-and-bustle of the world day and night.

Glass windows provide you the satisfaction of sun and view but the caveat is loss of privacy. You can look out and watch the world go by and in return give up your privacy because your glorious glass windows let people see every move you make indoors.

With home window tinting, you can stop "unlicensed" viewing of your indoors. The precut window tint from 3m or solar window film can give you 100% privacy without robbing you of the pleasure of viewing the world outside your glass windows.

How Secure is Your Security?

Privacy and security go hand-in-hand. When nobody can spy on you and then they won’t waste their time on you. Tinted glass windows give you an edge when it comes to security because your glass windows are fortified against breakage.

It won’t be easy to break your glass windows but should it break upon impact. Don’t sweat about flying glass shards because the glass tint softens the impact of breakage.

How safe is Your Safety?

Tinted home windows/doors prevent 99.9% of UV rays from getting indoors through your glass windows/doors. This benefit can be enjoyed all year round and beyond five years if you get the right kind of window tint in terms of quality and strength.

Home window tinting is a big ticket item if you have lots of glass windows in your home. But if family privacy, security, and safety come first, it’s always right to have your home windows covered.

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