How to Find the Right Girls Bathing Suits

by Michelle
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

Sometimes, there’s nothing scarier than shopping for a girl’s bathing suit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 4 long legged waif, or a curvy type.

The trick to finding the perfect girls bathing suits is first figuring out your body type, and then figuring out which style suit flatters your body best.

Let’s begin with the different body types first. In general there are three body types;

• Endomorphs,

• Mesomorphs,

• And Ectomorphs.

Endomorph types are typically big boned and curvy. Mesomorph types are generally athletic and muscular. Ectomorph types are usually slim and less curvaceous.

For the first type, the curvaceous lady, I’d recommend a cute one piece, or two piece depending on your comfort level.

Figure out your best feature and work with it. If you love your backside and legs, but have a tummy you’re not quite fond of, I’d suggest a tankini top with a bikini bottom. I prefer string bottoms because they’re more slimming.

For the second type, the athletic body, I’d stay away from bandeau tops, or spaghetti straps because they draw attention to wide shoulders.

For the slim body types I’d suggest string bikinis. Nothing with full coverage because if there’s not much body to cover it appears as if you’re wearing an over sized doll’s outfit.

Even with these tips the best way to find the right selection of girls bathing suits for your body is to just get in there and try them on.

This can be a scary thing, but there’s nothing as thrilling as finally finding that perfect bathing suit.

Girls bathing suits

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