How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

by Asha Jayaraman
(Palani, Tamilnadu, India)

Skin reflects the health status and the mood of a person.
Healthy skin is an indication of good health and a calm mind.

Skin is of utmost importance when the appearance of an individual is concerned. This makes skin care, rather skin protection (owing to the many pollutants we are exposed to routinely) very important.

Proper skin care retards aging process and makes a person look younger and energetic. Good skin enhances one's look and thus boosts one's confidence levels.

Healthy skin however doesn't call for expensive treatment eating away much of one's time, implementing a simple skin care regime should suffice.

Skin Protection includes:

1) Cleansing the skin to wash away dust, dirt, etc... It should be washed with clean water and a cleanser that suits the skin type of a person. Removing make up before sleeping is a must.

2) Use a moisturizer after washing the face. Moisturizers are best absorbed if skin is moist.

3) However a moisturizer only keeps the skin hydrated at the surface level. Drinking adequate water keeps the skin hydrated and free from many problems.

4) Drinking at least eight glasses of water is recommended.
Consumption of alcohol can dehydrate the skin.

5) If consumption of beverages like coffee and tea are minimized, skin care will be easier.

6) Drinking a glass of water for every glass of coffee or tea consumed could help!

7) Adequate protection from the sun is essential. Avoid midday sun, use full sleeved clothes, caps if possible and a good sunscreen with SPF factor according to one's skin type.

8) Adequate protection from various chemicals and pollutants is also very essential.

9) Eating healthy food goes without saying. It is definitely a must. The appearance of the skin and normal functioning of the body rely on this to a great extent.

10) Keeping a calm mind is the crown!!! It enhances one's look and pumps the enthusiasm to live with a smile, to live with Smart looking Skin attracting many an admirer - obviously!

Human Skin

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