UV Protective Clothing for Various Activities

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

There was a time when a friend of mine forgot to wear UV protective clothing during a recent fishing and boating trip.

As can be expected, his long-sleeved shirt did not provide adequate protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, which gave him slight sunburns even in the clothes-covered areas! That is what overexposure to the sun does to you.

Fortunately for the rest of us, there are UV protective clothing options that cover both the style grounds and the sun protection aspects of a good life spent under the sun.

Now, you will avoid sun damage much more than you did with just the usual sunscreen, sunblock and sunglasses!

Are There Clothes for Outdoor Sports?

Yes, most definitely there are sun protective clothes for outdoor sports. These clothes combine the very important factors of practicality, safety and comfort that outdoor enthusiasts require of their apparel.

There are jackets and pullovers, shirts of the sleeveless and sleeves variety, bandannas and hats, pants and shorts and even gloves for outdoor sports like biking, golfing, fishing and boating.

Of course, these can be used for everyday activities like gardening and other leisure activities!

UV Protective Clothing

What about Swimwear for the Beach Lovers?

Again, another resounding yes is the answer. With many colors and cuts, styles and sizes to choose from in swimsuits and swim accessories, you and your family can spend time on the beach properly protected.

And whoever says that your private parts do not need protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays probably does not know that skin cancer can attack these areas, too! With UV protective clothing swimsuit options, you will be protected much more than your sunscreen and umbrella will ever do.

What About Kids’ Wear?

Of course, there is sun protective clothing for kids, too. After all, if there is one segment of the population that needs UV protection, it is the children because their skins do not possess sufficient melanin yet. This makes them more susceptible to sun damage.

In addition to the sun protective clothing, children must be taught on the dangers of sun damage and how they can protect themselves:

• They must seek shade during the midday, between 10AM and 4 PM, because that is when the sun is at its strongest.

• Always apply liberal doses of sunscreen and sunblock when going outdoors, regardless of the season

• Always wear sun protective clothing with UPF of 15 and higher, but preferably at 50+.

Basically, you must teach all members of your family and circle of friends to respect the sun’s power and to make changes in their sun-worshiping lives to show this respect. Unless, of course, you want to suffer sunburns and skin cancer!

Also, always remember than even in winter when the sun’s rays are at their weakest during the year, we still need UV protective clothing.

This is because these rays can still penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere and wreak havoc on your unprotected skin.

In fact, the early winter morning sun in Seattle has equivalent effects as the mid-noon summer sun in Miami! Now, that should really encourage you to wear uv protective clothing at all times.

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