I'm so Vain!

by Luke
(Illinois, USA)

I was 17 and self conscious of my acne when I stepped into a tanning bed.

I then got out and, like an idiot, got back in (both times about 5-7minutes), thinking I hadn't had enough.

When I got out I saw the most obvious fake Sunburn in the history of mankind.

The saddest part is now, at 24, I am still pink in the face from the incident. You can still see the dermal burn and rings around my eyes.

My skin never peeled, which is STRANGE. I wish it did! After all, that's a NATURAL defense mechanism.

I am trying IPL treatments that really do very little. All I know is to go through with these treatments, moisturize, avoid stress, and eat very healthy food.

Multiple dermatologists have diagnosed me with rosacea, but I don't think that is correct.

After all, it is a fake burn-a seemingly permanent dermal burn. After all these years my face is still hot and EASILY flares up with stress, embarrassment, or excessive movement (like yawning).

It has a general pink hue, and feels tight and dry.

Isn't this a pathetic story? Hopeless?

If so, I know it's my own fault. I would certainly appreciate some advice, though.


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