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Kids outdoor games are not only fun, but also make everlasting memories. However sun protection clothing is one more way in helping those memories last as fun outdoor games for kids.

As far back as I can remember, summer time was the perfect time in terms of kids outdoor games. There was always a bunch of us kids who just couldn't wait long enough to get up in the morning.

The day would start with a healthy breakfast and then the world was ours. We were ready to play all kinds of kids outdoor games.

Below is a list of fun outdoor kids games free or very inexpensive,

kids outdoor games

• Roller blading

• Roller skating

• Enjoy a sunny day in the park

• Swimming or pool games

• Playing lots of soccer or running races

• Playing with water using a hose, bucket or balloons

• Frisbee

• Hide and seek

• Hula Hoop Contest

• Freeze Dance

• Horse shoes

• Hop Scotch

• Kickball

• Red Light Green Light

• Freeze Tag

• Blindfold

• Jump rope

• Volleyball

• Swinging on a swing set

• Riding a tricycle and then a bicycle

I hope this site brings you lots of happy memories from which you can pass on to your kids or perhaps you are one of those kids.

I know that as kids all you wanted was to have fun all day and that was wonderful. However, sun protective clothing and uv protection clothing must be a priority before any kids outdoor games.

I only wish that you were taught more about sun protection clothing, sun protection hat and the dangers of UV rays.

It amazes me how much you were warned about so many things when you went out, except perhaps sun protection.

I remember being in the sun all day playing all kinds of outdoor games for kids.

Were you aware of what the sun was doing to your skin?

I know I wasn't since I didn't know any better.

However nowadays thank goodness there are all kinds of sun protection products including organic sunscreen as well as childrens sun hat.

The 3 Hits Car Game

But, coincidently there was this old car game called "3 hits" which we had managed to play in the shade.

You can basically play it by having two or more kids.

You would draw a road track not more than 3 inches wide using a white chalk for dark color grounds or charcoal for light color grounds.

Please be sure that you do it on your own grounds or you have permission to do it and wash it afterwards.

The track can be drawn in any shape as long it has some nice twists and turns to it.

Everyone gets one miniature model car and places it at the start line.

You need to flip a coin so you can decide who goes first.

Then you hit the car forward with your finger three times in a row.

Whoever gets to the finish line (which should be the same as the start line) will be the winner.

So every time it's your turn, you can hit your car three times.

While you are doing that, you are allowed to push and hit other cars that may be in your way.

If at anytime 3 of the 4 tires of your car lay outside the track, you are out and have to start over from the start line.

One or two tires out, you are safe.

This applies to the car that gets hit also and would have to start over.

You can also pass any car you can and avoid an accident, as long as two of your tires remain inside the track at anytime.

This could end up being as competitive as many other kids outdoor games . Everyone deserves to have a great day playing outdoor games for kids, but must also practice sun safety.

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