Macho Doesn't Mean Unburnable

by Sara
(Kentucky, USA)

My husband and I went to Florida on vacation late in the fall one year.

We stayed on the gulf side about 4 hours south of Tampa in the Naples area.

They have beautiful beaches there and no trip to Florida would be complete without a trip to the beach.

We came prepared with SPF 40 sunblock lotion and even a pocket full for change for the vending machines.

We did not intend to stay long and inserted money in the parking meter for about an hour.

After we had changed in to our swimming suits my husband kindly put the sunblock on my back for me.

But when I offered to do the same for him, he politely refused saying we weren’t going to be there long enough for him to burn.

We had a blast playing in the water but did not enjoy having the beach filled with kids, we had really picked the wrong time.

After our hour at the parking meter was up we left. We were both a little red but thought nothing about.

The next day my redness was almost gone, though my skin was no darker.

My husband on the other hand had a horrible sunburn. The entire top portion of his back was one large blister, his face and shoulders were bright red and almost every part of him was hot and tender to the touch.

Of course being a guy he didn’t want to go to the doctor. Lucky for us aloe grows everywhere down there and we were able to get fresh aloe.

Only three days later, after many hot and cold showers, four aloe plants and many bottles of cooling sun burn gel we were able to go back to enjoying our vacation.

Also, he has no scaring on his back. The real fresh aloe in my opinion did the trick.

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