Melanin, Sun Protection And You

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Can You Afford to Let it Burn Away?

Melanin is the natural chemical pigment which is produced in the melanocyte cells.

Malignant melanoma originates in the melanocytes where melanin, is produced.

melanin skin color tone

It is also responsible for the color tone of your skin. People with darker skin have more of it in their skin.

It resides below our skin and is responsible for absorbing the ultraviolet radiation by turning dark and hence creating a tan look.

It does this by transforming the UV radiation into heat, otherwise free radicals could lead to malignant melanoma.

However the sun protection system fails when there is too much UV exposure, specially when UV index is high.

So basically, your skin's melanin gets hit by the UV ray either by the outdoor sun exposure or by the indoor tanning beds usage.

As the pigment receives the UV rays which have penetrated the skin, it turns darker and that's how you get the sun tan look.

Sunscreen manufacturers constantly remind us to reapply every couple of hours, in order to keep the sun protection factor (SPF) at the level where it should be.

Are you able to look under your skin?

Because, as the day goes by and specially if you are not wearing SPF clothing or sun block clothing the sunburn kicks in.

This happens because the skin's underlying uv protective pigment has had it and can not absorb anymore UV.

A little more of sun exposure could then start a down pour of rays upon the poor melanocytes below the skin, the home to our natural sun protective chemical.

Once this takes place a series of irreversible reactions take place that could change your skin and your life forever.

A little more of sun exposure could then start a down pour of rays upon the poor melanocytes below the skin, the home to our natural sun protective chemical.

This sun protective chemical builds up on top of the cell nucleus. When the UV protection failure begins, the nuclear DNA (which is what our body is made of) starts to mutate and produce free radicals.

This is because the melanin can no longer absorb the ultraviolet rays.

That's why malignant melanomas are so dangerous.

The mutations start below the skin and while it may show up as a pigment or a new mole above, it is still growing deeper and wider under the human skin.

You can not see it unless your dermatologist does a biopsy immediately!

This is all dangerous because it starts skin deep and could spread by the body's underlying lymphatic vessels or the blood carrying veins all over including the brain, the lungs and the liver.

If that happens, the melanoma cells first spread to the lymph nodes and then thru them to other organs in the body.

So the organ itself may have never seen the light of day, but now will be home to a malignant tumor.

Lesson of the day..........

Protect your melanin as if your life depends on it, seriously.

Practice Sun Protection Daily.

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